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Khan Neuropsychology, LLC

Quratulain Khan, Ph.D., HSPP

Clinical Psychology practice specializing in neuropsychology and rehabilitation.


Dr. Khan provides neuropsychological assessment, cognitive rehabilitation, and psychotherapy services for adults. 



Are you looking for a psychologist who understands your difficulty with attention, memory, slowed thinking, or organization? Maybe you are experiencing brain fog or noticing that you are not thinking clearly. You may be noticing that it is harder for you to function the way that you used to. You may be feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed because things just seem harder now. 


You have come to the right place. 


I specialize in working with people who have similar concerns. I will help you understand what is happening and help you find ways to function better so you don’t feel so frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed.


I offer comprehensive neuropsychological assessment and therapy services. If needed, I will use neuropsychological assessment to help you understand what is going on and use assessment results to guide a treatment plan. This will usually include psychotherapy and neuropsychological rehabilitation strategies. 


I help people with a wide variety of problems including concussion, brain injury, stroke, memory problems, dementia, ADHD, long COVID, anxiety, depression, chronic health conditions (e.g., headaches, multiple sclerosis), etc. 


Reach out to schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation. I will this discussion to guide you on the next steps towards feeling better. This may be through testing, psychotherapy, or both. My goal is to help you learn ways to function better and improve the quality of your life.  

Free 10-minute Consultation

Prospective clients can have questions answered and only proceed with assessment and/or treatment services if working with me will be a good fit. 


Because of my practice model, I can usually schedule your appointment within a month of your free consultation. This means that you get help more quickly and do not have to wait several months to get in to see a neuropsychologist. 

Fast reports

I typically finish neuropsychological assessment reports in a week. This means that you can get results and recommendations quickly.

I am currently providing telehealth services anywhere in the state of Indiana

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